Jeff VanderMeer Thoughts on Writing

How to write great fiction without being didactic, while under stress, while living a full life? How to write in your head and find where you wanted your writing to go while doing other things than writing? How to relay environmental subjects, even big ones like global warming, in your stories? How to share the beauty and intricate intelligence of nature? How can nature transform humans, and how does technology hurt nature? How to not stereotype characters? How to explore something that is supposed to not be known, and how to write a good mystery without explaining everything? How do novels differ from their visual adaptions in film? What is it like changing perspectives (such as animal points of view) in storytelling? What’s it like writing trauma in fiction? How to impact the reader with emotion?

Jeff VanderMeer talks with Scribd Chat, a very good podcast and down-to-earth talk regarding so many issues that eco-writers wrestle with. On a personal note, it was so cool to hear the interviewer mention the television show LOST (potential hypothesis spoiler), my favorite show, which I had also drawn some parallels with, though they were not intended.

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