How-To Sign Up and Post


This site is a place for eco-writers and allows contributors to post and read tips, resources, and writing samples, which others can discuss. Updated note in 2019: Contributors must post at least one article per year in order to remain a contributor.

How to Become a Contributor

  1. On the left side of the home screen, click Registration & Login and fill out your preferred Username and Email. (If you have already registered at the site, you will be prompted to log in if you aren’t already.)
  2. Important: If you do not get an email immediately, check your spam folder and unblock email from and/or from If you still cannot find the confirmation email, just email us and we’ll confirm your registration manually.
  3. Once you get your email, follow the link inside and log in. Note that if you do not follow this link, you won’t get a chance to set your password. When you follow the link, it will have a strong password already generated. You can keep it or type in your own password. It’s smart to save your password somewhere secure. If you forget it at any time, you can say you forgot your password and set a new one.
  4. After you get set up initially, you are a subscriber and can log in any time. Now you can comment. If you want to become a contributor at this point and I haven’t already talked with you, please shoot me an email and I will promote you to be a contributor (see below).
  5. If you do not get another email letting you know that you have been upgraded to a contributor, just log back in and check. Contributors will see a dashboard, whereas subscribers will only be able to comment. See the “How to Add a New Post” section below for screenshots of the dashboard.
  6. The owner of the site will see all new subscribers and may email you just making sure you’re a real person! And then she will manually approve you to be a Contributor. This may take a few minutes or several hours, depending on time of day.
  7. Once logged in, check out your User Profile, where you can upload an avatar and set a nickname for your posts, if you wish.
  8. After you become a contributor, you may then post your own articles (whether samples of your writing or other pieces that will engage writers of environmental literature). This is done through a WordPress interface. If you need help, please contact Mary. See detailed directions below. You can also join in our author chat!
  9. What can you submit? Anything relevant to the topics found at, which fall into environmental and nature categories of literature. Please ensure that your submissions are well-written to the best of your knowledge and not preachy. Concentrate on building a creative story. All contributions will be manually reviewed before approval. See the guidelines for more information.
  10. Note that it’s best to keep these manuscripts 10,000 words or less. Excerpts are preferred. For novels, please do not post more than a chapter or two. We will provide a copyright notice, but you are responsible for protecting your own work. Note that if your story has already been published, submit to the Dragonfly Library instead.
    • Poetry and prose
    • Short story excerpts
    • Novel chapter excerpts
    • Essays and articles
    • Thoughts, sentences, paragraphs
    • Graphic novel illustrations
  11. You do not have to submit your writings for critique in order to participate. Well-written tips and reviews of writing styles in environmental literature are also accepted.

How to Add a New Post

1. Log in as a contributor after you have registered and been approved. You will see something similar to the screen below:

2. Click the Dashboard beneath the “Writer’s Workshop” (now “Eco-Writers”) link as shown above. In the Dashboard, click the Posts link and then click Add New, as shown below.

Alternatively, you may check the +New button at the top of the screen, as shown below. Then click Post.

3. Once you add a post, you will see a screen similar to the one below but without all the text in the post box. The text below has been added as a sample post and shows you the rest of the instructions for submitting a post. Click the picture below to make it bigger for reading purposes. If you don’t have an image to add, please contact the owner, who has lots of photos of outdoor places.

4. After submitting for review, please leave the page and wait until the owner has time to review your work and submit it for comments. If you are still on the page, it looks like you are still editing it; however, if you have submitted it for review and a day has passed, and you haven’t let the screen, the administrator may go ahead and publish the piece. If you need to edit it still, feel free to do so, but when you submit it again, it will be pending review again. Comments will also be moderated.