Code Zero

The following are excerpts of Tom Hibbard’s Schizpo Code Zero: The Economics of Ambiguity and Creation of Value

Forborne Photo (One)

abstract open-axiom inquiry
accelerates wages’ ritual descent
amidst the scattered wastes of exclusion
already formed as obsolescence in misused praxis
cynicism appears as practicality in biased tyranny-machines
obstructed worlds enhanced in periodic disjunction
besieging Oedipal castles
the complicit paradigms of categorical validity
bodies-without-organs proliferating Lacanian auto-connectivity rooms
as empty buildings and factories mass-produce a complex competence
generated from trillions of tons of irradiated methane
preconscious LGBT signifiers portend visibility
sequential algorithms that always desecrate dimensional landscapes
perpetual peoples, places, bibliographies, concepts
the apocalyptic classrooms of imperiled ecologies

Forborne Photo (Seven)

specters of deterritorialization
the transitional simulations of decades and effigies
greed-based borders credible in static terror
social requirement of mandatory attributes
as privilege breaks out in a perilous junk heap
a despotic escapade no project is able to escape
pale duplicated barriers of anthropological misunderstanding
tortuous vertigo of dominant leprosies
falsified eidos ignoring the timeless continuum
distortions in defunct journeys and encrypted will-o’-the-wisps
nameless cadavers of food, water, clothing
prediction stalking disparity and emancipation
rationality infinitely divisible as pornographic immanence
forcing the silent effects of a lurid mathematics
mountainous pile-up of intimidations, corporations, neuroses
freedom from the murk of collective unreality
international freight cars of “global climate change”


The featured image is by Darwin Peacock, Maklaan, CC BY 3.0

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