Writer's Workshop


Dragonfly’s Eco-Writer’s Workshop is an experimental writing community for the new eco-literature site Dragonfly.eco. Dragonfly.eco is all about writing meaningful stories about our natural world, including fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and prose. This project combines other sites, including eco-fiction.com, to provide an online storytelling portal, which writers, academics, publishers, and readers may freely use as reference or as a way to share eco-writings. Our motto is “blowing your mind with wild words and worlds.”

This workshop is brand new, so it’s rather sparse at the moment. Get involved and help it grow! It’s also an experimental place for now. Will this become a fast-paced critique workshop? A slow but meaningful conversation? It all depends on participants.

How to Participate?

  • Read the How-to guide for registering and posting at the site. You can sign up to comment (default registration) or email me after you have registered in order to become a contributor and write your own posts.
  • After registration is complete (always check your spam folder, so that you can reset your password), feel free to participate in the following ways:
    • Commenting on others’ posts.
    • Creating your own posts.
    • Content does not have to involve critique and suggestions, nor do you need to post only critique and suggestion. Other content is allowed as well, such as writing tips, articles about other environmental writers’ style, and so on.